W.C.I.L.S TOTE BAG 2nd Version [English Information]

Fann Sisters

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Inspired by a Song

Tristesse Contemporaine - Daytime Nighttime

Daytime Nighttime
Nighttime Daytime
We do it all at the same time

I just keep crashing
Living on my rations
The bullets and the roses
Devil and the poses
Don't know where my ghost is
Don't know where my home is
Guess we never chose this
I'm in the sea with Moses
Looking for my roses
I guess it's never hopeless
The bullets and the passion
Devils and the poises
This has never happened
Nothing ever happens
Nothing ever happens

Daytime Nighttime
Nighttime Daytime
We do it all at the same time


Inside Out Colors:
Black & Lilac

Free Size:
41cm(Length) × 39cm(Width)
Length of Strap: 71 cm

Black - Cotton
Lilac - Cotton with Hemp Striae

This double-sided W.C.I.L.S TOTE BAG 2nd Version
only in one side of the bag has the Brand Woven Label,
we have 2 different kind of Brand Woven Labels,
some of the Brand Woven Labels are in Black side,
some of the Brand Woven Labels are in Lilac side,
after the Customer purchased of the item,
we will send out the item in a random manner!


Worldwide Price: 35 EUR
(Including Shipping Already)

*****Something you should know before you buy it*****

If you'd like to buy it,
please send E-mail to
or MSG to our Facebook page

with your name, phone number, delivery address and quantity of the item.

After confirming your order, please make the money transfer in 3 days.
If the payment isn't done in 3 days, and also without informing us,
the order will be cancelled automatically.

We only accept online payment via Paypal
for customers from other countries.

After confirming your payment,
We'll inform you as soon as we send the item.

When you receive your order, please inform us to make sure the order is received safety.

Color of the item in the picture might be a little bit different than the object, due to different monitors' quality.

Take good care to prevent migration & loss of color.


If you have any Questions,
Please do not hesitate to contact us by E-mail or Comment it.


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