How to "No Way To Be Imperfect"

This is the Activity of our new design "No Way To Be Imperfect".
There are actually so many different ways
to use our "No Way To Be Imperfect",
and we will keeping find out more ways
to use it and post them here,
and also It would be nice if you'd like to join us together
to find out some more good ways to use it :)))

and send us the picture: 


with E-Mail title "I CAN BE PERFECT - your name",
and please note your name on the mail.

When we received your photo,
We will select photos,
and We will reply you by E-Mail
to let you know if you are selected,
then we will post your photos on our blog.

Next time when you buy something
on W.C.I.L.S. Online-Shop,
Before you pay the bill,
you just have to note your name with the thing you might buy,
and send E-Mail to us,
then you could get "10% off" for one thing.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

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